Racewars: 4th March 2018 we will be working with Racewars to present the “Racewars Car & Bike Show”
5th March 2018 ACM Electrical Racewars Sprint. Held at SRT we are organizing this for Racewars.

24th March 2018 Club run to Brookton Old Classic Car Show.

Easter Weekend 31st March 2018 Esperance Go To Whoa, we are organizing for out of the shed Show & Shine
1st April 2018 Out of the Shed Show & Shine Esperance.

2nd June 2018 State Speed Event Series we are hosting Albany Windfarm Hill Climb

3rd June 2018 Around the Houses, Albany Classic Street Display

4th June 2018 State Speed Event Series SRT Sprint.

The Show & Shine will be 22nd, 23rd September 2018.